#3 Ends of Philosophy

#3 Ends of Philosophy

Editor’s Introduction
Jeremy Colangelo

Essays, Translations and Interviews

Time Without Temporalization: Futurality in François Laruelle’s Non-Philosophy
Thomas Sutherland

Eschatology and Infinite Non-linear Time: On the Field of Absolute Emptiness
Rossa Ó Muireartaigh

Futurality, an Eschatological Methodology
Itzhak Benyamini
Translated by Omer Benjakob and edited by Ilya Merlin

Anticipatory Grief and Perceptions of the Future
Rachel Bath

The Future of Continental Realism: Heidegger’s Fourfold
Graham Harman

The Future of Plasticity
Catherine Malabou interviewed by Kate Lawless

A False Explanation of My Stories
Felisberto Hernández
Translated by Jaime R. Brenes Reyes

Book Reviews

The Thing: A Phenomenology of Horror
Reviewed by Mike Thorn

Reason and Re-enchantment: the Philosophical, Religious and Political Thought of David Ray Griffin
Reviewed by Randy Schroeder