#5 To Be a Body?

Issue #5 To Be a Body? (forthcoming soon)

Editor’s Introduction
M. Curtis Allen


Bodies That Matter?: From Embodied Subjectivity to Materialism in Merleau-Ponty’s Political Philosophy
Anne Van Leeuwen

Dinstinction, Participation, and Empty Embodiment
Adam Lovasz

Embodied Experience of Multiplicitous Selfhood
Mariana Ortega, interviewed by Julian Evans, Jessica Ellis, and Sangie Zaitsoff

The Relationship of Temporality in Autobiography to Trans-Narrative Form
Jessica Ellis

Gender Identity Trouble: An Analysis of the Under-Representation of Trans* Professors in Canadian Universities
Alexandre Baril, translated by Hélène Bigras Dutrisac & David Guignon

Ways of Being in the All-Too-Present Body
Rebecca Rozelle-Stone

Objects That Matter: Bodies, Art, and Big Data
Katherine Behar, interviewed by Anna Mirzayan


Brian Kim Stefans, Word Toys
John Nyman

Mariana Ortega, In-Between: Latina Feminist Phenomenology, Multiplicity, and the Self
Helen Fielding

Cindy Zeiher & Todd McGowen, Can Philosophy Love?
Ali Alizadeh